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Consumer Products

In a consumer-driven digital economy, it is critical to engage customers and maximize new opportunities by identifying and delivering value as where and when needed.

The rapidly growing digital economy poses challenges for consumer products companies, from changing consumer behavior to complex distribution channels to emerging markets. Technological advancements have given demanding consumers more cost-efficient options and access to more purchasing channels. To win, businesses in the consumer goods industry must undergo an exhaustive systems overhaul to translate these challenges into growth opportunities.

Bravura understands the need to engage in digital transformation so you can best maximize customer experience and meet market expectations. We provide a vast array of solutions to tackle changing demands and position your company as one that can be trusted.

Key Solutions

As your personal tailor for digital transformation, we aim to increase your business value by crafting technology solutions that suit your business goals and needs.


With a new-generation enterprise management system that streamlines business processes into a single digital core and produces real-time insights, you can reimagine how you harness information, how you work, and ultimately, how you deliver.


  • Customer Experience: Digital disruption has caused consumers to desire instant gratification. Today’s consumers want safe, simple, seamless, and personalized experiences across any channel, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Companies will have to transform their customer experience and adopt real-time engagement.

  • Workforce Engagement: Harness new but user-friendly technology that will empower the workforce to succeed in their roles while saving time, reducing stress, and improving employee satisfaction.

  • Supply Chain: Simplify and strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners by automating business processes through customized services and pricing, customized quotes and contracts, specialized assembly and kitting services, and vendor-managed inventory.

  • Spend Management: The digital economy is driven by disruptive technology and innovation that produces new consumer products, revamps business models through digital automation, and connects logistics.

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Next-Generation ERP Software – SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition

SAP Business ByDesign

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