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Business Automation Platform

See how automation and AI are the catalyst for continuous reinvention

UiPath is built on an AI-based platform to launch business transformation

Everything you need to discover, automate, and operate your business processes end to end. Everything integrated, managed, and governed from one place.

Business Automation Platform

Use the data from your business applications to give you a detailed understanding of complex business processes.


Identify the highest ROI opportunities for continuous process optimization and automation using the power of AI.

UiPath Process Mining

  • Automatically discover your business processes

  • Understand where automation will deliver the most value

  • Automate and improve, holistically

  • Continuously monitor your processes

UiPath Task Mining

  • Discover how work gets done

  • Bring humans in the loop

  • Transform your ideas into actions

  • Get peace of mind with built-in security and privacy

UiPath Automation Hub

  • Centrally manage your ideas

  • Prioritize the most impactful opportunities

  • Implement faster with efficient collaboration

  • Visualize your map to ROI

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Rapidly build AI-powered automation that seamlessly collaborates with people and systems to transform every facet of work.

UiPath Studio

  • Design automation fast with an easy drag-and-drop editor

  • Start automating right in your browser—with Studio Web

  • Automate the most complex scenarios—in Studio


UiPath Apps

  • Share data across your automation and apps

  • Evangelizing your CoE now has a home page

  • Prototype an app idea in no time with drag-and-drop templates


UiPath Integration Service

  • Boost your AI-powered automation with external models

  • Expand automation opportunities with easier connectivity

  • Automation responds to triggers with event-driven workflows

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UiPath Data Service

  • Put data from every place into one great place

  • Seamlessly access and reuse data across multiple automation

  • Secure your data, securely

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