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Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distributors in a digital-first world are expected to evolve more rapidly and efficiently and provide meaningful customer experiences.

Traditionally, wholesale distributors relied on solid relationships. Today, sustaining good relationships is simply not enough to stay ahead of the intensifying competition.

Distributors are expected to incorporate technology to create, deliver, and sustain exceptional service. Companies who adopt technology are better positioned to deliver quality products at fair prices, at the exact moment the customer needs them, with the value-added service expected.


Bravura provides solutions and services to help you secure your leadership position in the distribution value chain.

Key Solutions

As your personal tailor for digital transformation, we aim to increase your business value by crafting technology solutions that suit your business goals and needs.


With a new-generation enterprise management system that streamlines business processes into a single digital core and produces real-time insights, you can reimagine how you harness information, how you work, and ultimately, how you deliver.


  • Customer Experience: Digital disruption has caused consumers to desire instant gratification. Today’s consumers want safe, simple, seamless, and personalized experiences across any channel, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Companies will have to transform their customer experience and adopt real-time engagement.

  • Supplier Collaboration: Revamp business networks to adopt high levels of process automation that can effectively manage and collaborate with suppliers.

  • Supply Chain: Simplify and strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners by automating business processes through customized services and pricing, customized quotes and contracts, specialized assembly and kitting services, and vendor-managed inventory.

  • Workforce Engagement: Harness new but user-friendly technology that will empower the workforce to succeed in their roles while saving time, reducing stress, and improving employee satisfaction.



Next-Generation ERP Software – SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition

SAP Business ByDesign

Manage your fast-growing, mid-market business

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