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Modern ERP Systems Paired with Business Process Transformation Strategy Can Impact Short- and Long-T

The Metamorphosis into the Digital World

Written by: Mickey North Rizza, Group Vice President, Enterprise Software

The world has changed as waves of interconnected economic, political, and social disruptions threaten to batter enterprises around the world, fracturing business plans. This constant state of change has become a continuous transformation cycle for companies as they adapt to new regulatory requirements, evolve to better serve changing customer needs, and work to drive efficiencies to maintain their market share within increasingly competitive markets. This new world is reshaping businesses into digital businesses. In IDC's Worldwide CEO Survey (January 2022), 95% of CEOs said they are pursuing a digital-first strategy to become a viable digital business.

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Enterprises are embracing this change with a renewed vision and focus on the digital business era. The line-of-business and IT leaders in digital-first organizations are rapidly adapting to these unsettled conditions. They are slicing through the storms of disruption by transforming into resilient digital businesses where value creation is based on the effective use of fast-evolving and innovative technologies. But moving forward means the business and IT teams must work together to transform the organization by leveraging technology differently. The technology must revamp the business processes so employees can gain two things: more insights into process performance and the ability to more quickly adapt to the way the business runs. This makeover leads to improved and leaner processes, competitive differentiation, and better and more informed decisions, impacting overall performance.

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